Gravity Lab

A Moving Experience…
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What is Gravity Lab?

Gravity Lab is a place to experience mindfulness in motion. It's for anyone wanting to reduce stress, find relief from pain, increase performance, or just enjoy greater ease and comfort in life.

Attending a Gravity Lab class is an opportunity for playful learning and curious experimentation. Using gentle guided movements in a series of structured lessons, you will explore your unique relationship with gravity. Through that exploration you will learn about yourself and how to have more options and pleasure in your movement. You will also learn to have more control over your stress response, increase awareness of your habits and discover alternative choices that you can use to improve many areas of your life.

Gravity Lab is based on the Feldenkrais Method®, which is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective ways to increase awareness and improve human functioning. So whether you want to reduce your stress response, improve your meditation or yoga practice, get better at a sport like running or cycling, or just find more comfort and ease in daily activities like walking, driving, or sitting at a computer, Gravity Lab can help.

We are located in San Diego, California at 2802 Juan Street, Suite 23, San Diego, CA 92110.